Egyptian Gold Bangle

Thank you Stephanie Kantis for sponsoring this post.

This gold cuff has quickly become one of my favorite accessory items. The ring is a beautiful addition to compliment the bracelet as I am a gold lover. I have worn these items dressed down with jeans, and last week I wore them with a beautiful little black dress and heels, which made these pieces look ten times more expensive and got a ton of comments on the bangle. This Egyptian gold bangle is 24K gold plated and a true bold statement.

These are two beautiful items for your holiday shopping list. If you only need to buy one item, I would say to go with the cuff. They also have it in silver for those that prefer the lighter color. I can honestly say the cuff is comfortable, it’s not loud when it touches a table or counter, and I am someone that is highly allergic to metals and have not had a single reaction to it. And I have used it many, many times!

Below you can find the sources for these beautiful pieces and more.


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