How To Introduce Your Child To Childcare

Introducing your child to childcare is probably one of the most challenging tasks you will ever come across as a mom. Children love to play and interact with others, but they are generally not fond of news places, new people or even being introduced to new routines, and that’s when an hourly daycare comes in.

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My kids were introduced early on but I used the hourly daycare center to drop them off for a few hours before introducing them to a full-time nursery. Some children, like mine, can be apprehensive for a couple of days, so introducing them to an hourly center is a great way for them adjust to the new setting and allow you to have some free time. I started by dropping them off 3 hours a day twice a week, and slowly increased the time. By the third week, they were happy to see the teachers, the new environment and they had become more than familiar with the childcare center.

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Find out if you have a KidsPark location near you and take advantage of this wonderful facility. They provide hourly childcare so parents can keep appointments, run errands, attend school or enjoy an evening out without planning weeks in advance. No more worrying about nannies canceling at the last minute. In these centers, all teachers have an Early Childhood background and pass all background checks.

KidsPark curriculum includes The Arts (music, drama, art, dance), Math Concepts and Science. They are flexible so you can pick your schedule and pay only for the times you attend. Yes, you read that right! Only pay for the days that your child attends without losing their spot in a class.

To learn more about KidsPark and their franchise program with guided assistance with every step of the process, please visit their website here.

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