Finally, A Hat My Husband Won’t Ruin

Feminist Baseball Cap

My husband loves to wear my hats and ruining them. How can one ruin so many hats in such a short amount of time, you may ask? Well, he’s a pro at it. He loves mowing the lawn while it’s 475 degrees out and drenches my hats in a matter of seconds. “They can be washed” – he says. Yeah, no. They cannot.

Every other week or so, he grabs a new hat and off he goes to ruin it while working out, running around the block or mow the lawn. This is why I don’t do any of those. I rather keep my hats intact than look toned or healthy 😉

So I bought this hat as I know he won’t be wearing it while mowing the lawn or jog around the neighborhood. Plus, I am somewhat of a feminist, not an extreme feminist, but enough to fight for equal rights. With exception of opening doors and filling up gas, yeah, those he can gladly do on my behalf. Thanks hun! Ha.

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